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April 21st, 2016


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Action Items

The following item will be heard jointly by the Architectural Review Board and the Historic Resources Board.

3. Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Comprehensive Plan UpdateRequest for Architectural Review Board, Historic Resources Board and Public Comments on a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) prepared for the Comprehensive Plan Update. The Draft Environmental Impact Report was published on February 5, 2016 for a 90 day public comment period that will end on May 5, 2016. For more information, contact Elena Lee at



City Officials Reports

  1. Meeting Schedule & Sub-Committee Assignments
  2. List of Staff Approved (Minor) Architectural Reviews

The following items will be heard by the Architectural Review Board only.

4. 4175 Manuela Avenue [15PLN-00129]Request by Kevin Davies, on behalf of Congregation Kol Emeth, for Architectural Review to demolish an existing one story synagogue facility totaling approximately 11,691 square feet and construction of a new synagogue facility with approximately 23,555 sf. In addition, but not specifically subject to the Architectural Review Board’s review, are requests for a Variance to exceed the maximum allowable floor area by approximately 4943 square feet for a portion of the building with a vaulted ceiling over 17 feet in height. This request is not for actual floor area, but volume space that by code is counted toward the floor area maximum and relates more toward building mass as opposed to the intensity of the proposed use. A Variance is also requested to allow the access ramp to the subterranean garage, as well as the below grade garage itself, to encroach into the special setback. Religious facilities in the residential districts are also subject to a Conditional Use Permit. The Variance and Conditional Use Permit is not the subject of the hearing, but the public may comment on these application requests. Environmental Assessment: This project is exempt from environmental review pursuant to a CEQA Guidelines Sections 15061, 15302 and 15303. Zoning District: Single Family Residential District (R-1(20,000)). For more information, contact Ranu Aggarwal at



5. 355 University Avenue [15PLN-00237]Request by Hayes Group Architects, on behalf of Palo Alto Masonic Temple Association, for Major Architectural Review, Historic Review, and Seismic Rehabilitation Floor Area Bonus for a new facade and signage, new second story with outdoor rooftop patio area, and interior modifications at 355 University Avenue, and a new facade and site improvements to the ground floor and adjacent public alley at 461 Florence Street for Design Within Reach. The project requests approval of a seismic rehabilitation floor area bonus for the addition of the new second story. Environmental Assessment: Categorically exempt from the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) per CEQA Guideline Section 15301 Existing Facilities, Section 15304 Minor Alterations to Land, and Section 15311 Accessory Structures. Zoning District: Downtown Commercial (CD-C(GF)(P)). For more information, contact Rebecca Atkinson at

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