Architectural Review Board

December 7th, 2017


Call to Order

Oral Communications

Agenda Changes, Additions, and Deletions

City Official Reports

1. Transmittal of 1) the ARB Meeting Schedule and Attendance Record, 2), Administrative Staff-Level Architectural Review Approvals, and 3) Tentative Future Agenda Items

Action Items

2. PUBLIC HEARING/QUASI-JUDICIAL. 250 Hamilton Avenue [17PLN-00169]: Consideration of a Tier 3 Wireless Communication Facility Permit Application for the Deployment of Small Cell Wireless Communication Equipment on Utility Poles in the Public Right of Way.  This Application Proposes 15 Small Cell Node Locations Within the Mid-Town, Palo Verde, St. Claire Gardens, and South of Mid-Town Neighborhoods. The Approximate Location of Each of the Nodes is Available Online at: Environmental Assessment: Pending. Zoning District: Various. For More Information Contact Project Planner Rebecca Atkinson at



3. PUBLIC HEARING/QUASI-JUDICIAL. 180 Hamilton Avenue [17PLN-00171]: Consideration of a Minor Architectural Review to Allow for Exterior Improvements to an Existing Hotel. The Proposed Changes Include: Replacing the Ground Floor Store Fronts Along the Hamilton Avenue and EmersonStreet Entries, Replacing the Existing Awning at the Emerson Street Entry, New Facade, Finishes on the First Floor and Part of the Second Floor, and Sidewalk Improvements. Environmental     Assessment: Exempt form the Provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) per Guideline Section 15301(Existing Facilities). Zoning District: CD-C (GF)(P) (Downtown Commercial). For More Information Contact the Project Planner Samuel Gutierrez at



4. Discussion Regarding the Annual ARB Report to Council.



5. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair for the Architectural Review Board.



Approval of Minutes

6. Draft Architectural Review Board Minutes for November 2, 2017.

Subcommittee Items

7. 300 Homer Avenue [15PLN-00290]: Subcommittee Review of a Previously Approved Project That was Conditioned to Return With Project Changes Related to Courtyard Pavement Details, Risers to the Courtyard, Railing Details at the Front Entrance, Trellis Details, Comprehensive Landscape Plan. and Lighting Plan With Photometric Data. Environmental Assessment: Exempt From the Provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in Accordance  With Guideline Section 15301 (Existing Facilities). Zoning District PF (Public Facilities). For More Information Contact the Project Planner Adam Petersen at

Board Member Questions, Comments or Announcements


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