Flex Your Muscle in the Local Elections

Nearly everyday we read a headline about Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton during this highly unusual presidential campaign. Local elections are overshadowed by the national brew-ha-ha, but most of us know that the quality of our daily lives will be greatly impacted by the city council members, school board members, and by the new measures and taxes that we voters determine on November 8.


Prop Debate at San Jose State

Midpen Media provides a comprehensive view of candidates and ballot measure arguments – pro and con – on 15 different races in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Videotaped candidate forums and candidate statements provide voters with two valuable comparison measures – how each one stands on the issues you care about and how they present themselves as speakers. Beginning on October 5, the Election Coverage pages on the Midpen Media website will have video links to coverage of each of the races, as the videos become available, on our YouTube channel as well as links to the upcoming schedule of playbacks on our cable TV channels.

We are partnering with the Palo Alto and the South San Mateo County Leagues of Women Voters to generate candidate forums for city council races and school board races in East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Palo Alto. In addition to council and school board elections, we feature candidate statements recorded in the Media Center’s TV studio for four local races and one county measure in San Mateo County, as well as for two local races and two county measures in Santa Clara County. We’ll also feature a candidate forum for the State Assembly 24th District that voters in both counties will decide.

There will be links to at least three different candidate forums for Palo Alto City Council and at least two for Palo Alto Unified School District.


Voter Registration Drive @ SJSU

img_5216 Thanks to a grant from the Knight Foundation, the Midpen Media Center is collaborating with students and professors at San Jose State University to present debates on two upcoming state initiatives. One debate is about whether to abolish capital punishment (Props 62 and 66), and the other debate is about whether to enact more stringent gun ammunition sales as well as background checks on purchasers (Prop 63). SJSU has recruited debaters from the campaigns on both sides of each issue.



Midpen’s Cathy Keys can’t make a candidate’s words sparkle, but she can sure get rid of that shine.

Midpen Media takes its role as a provider of voter resources very seriously and has televised forums since 1990, knowing that informed voters are the best ingredient for a vibrant democracy and a thriving community.  As part of that role, Midpen opens up its studio to all candidates to come and create their political statements.

If you would like to be notified when new videos are available to watch please email our Marketing and Communications Manager Becky Sanders (becky@midpenmedia.org) and ask her to email you, or you can subscribe to our election playlist.


Midpen’s Candidate Statement Set

One thought on “Flex Your Muscle in the Local Elections

  1. Elliot Margolies Post author

    Scroll down the page and you’ll see all the races we will be playing and you’ll see a link to the “playback times” that will provide you with a list of when it’s going to play on our TV channels. You must click on that link to see the specific list of TV playbacks. You’ll also see a link to “Internet” which will take you to the video of it that we put on our YouTube channel.

    If it says “TBA”, it means we don’t yet have the program or haven’t yet included it.

    In some cases we don’t have a link for playback times because it won’t be airing on our channels. That happens when some other agency videotaped the event and we don’t have a physical copy to play.


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