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Midpen Media Collaborates on a Theatrical Performance

Immigration is a hot potato for US citizens as the midterm election speeches and tweets underscored. The Midpen Media Center has been collecting individual and family immigration stories from every era of US history – in an online archive called Made Into America. for nearly five years. The idea behind the project is to Read More…

Young ‘DREAMers’ to describe their undocumented lives in America

by Jay Thorwaldson As immigration roils national politics — from the White House to Congress and the Supreme Court, to states across the nation and even the presidential campaign — the stories of six “undocumented” young people from the Palo Alto area will add personal depth and poignancy to the issue. The stories will be Read More…

America’s Newcomers Share The Good And Bad On Website

AMERICA’S NEWCOMERS SHARE THE GOOD AND BAD ON WEBSITE September 3, 2013 by Joe Rodriguez War, famine, pogroms and poverty push people to flee to America. Golden opportunities beckon them. But from beginning to end, immigration is a personal story. See the Full Article (pdf)