“Walk of DREAMers” 2017

Here are poignant life stories from five DREAMers who grew up undocumented and persevered to build a meaningful and productive life. The special storytelling project was made possible with support from Cal Humanities, Survey Monkey, and the Acton Family Fund. It took place at the Midpen Media Center on April 23, 2017.

The Full Event:

Sarahi’s story:
Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca is a resident of East Palo Alto with her husband and 17 month old daughter. She is The Founder and CEO of Dreamers Roadmap a mobile app that helps Undocumented students find scholarships for college. Her passion is to connect people to information needed to make them happy and successful.

In this video she tells stories from her life as an undocumented youth who was determined to create stability for her mother and herself.

Orlando was an excellent student who received a full scholarship to one the most prestigious universities in the country. Even so, he fell victim to a deep depression. He was haunted by the difficult feelings and challenges that arise for many undocumented “Dreamers.”

Myriam was one of our featured storytellers at the “Walk of DREAMers” event in April 2017. She’s a high school student in Redwood City and an active member of the Dream Club there. She wonders about a classmate from the Republican Club who gives her pause.

Lilly Campos shares personal stories of what it is like to grow up undocumented and to become an advocate for the 11 million who are seeking a pathway to citizenship.

Ever is a teacher who shares a story about two huge doors closing in his life, but a new one opening that has led to freedom and expression.

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