Who’s Your Hero? Louise Pencavel of Unsung Heroes Wants to Know!

Many of you will recall Louise Pencavel and her time on staff at Midpen as our ProServices Lead.  Well she is still in our spotlight as she continues to produce videos about everyday people doing extraordinary things.  The Midpeninsula Community Media Center is proud to join other area non-profits in partnering with Louise in promoting and participating in this annual awards program.

Louise Pencavel, Producer of Unsung Heroes

Do you know someone who:

Has an unusual and inspiring story to tell?
Has given over-and-above to the community?
Has overcome significant hardship?
Deserves public recognition?

If so, it’s time to submit a nomination to the Unsung Heroes Among Us series!  It’s a local, community-supported video series that will honor six people who have unusual, memorable, inspiring life experiences.

This your opportunity to recognize someone you admire and respect and also to contribute a wonderful story to the fabric of our community.  The community will celebrate them with a public screening and reception for the whole community.

Please send the UHAU team your nominations by September 30.  It’s easy!  Go to the website, UnsungHeroesAmongUs.org, select Submit Nominations on the Our Heroes tab and follow the instructions.  You can also just email: Louise@UnsungHeroesAmongUs.org with the following:
1.     Your name and contact information
2.     The name and contact information of the person you are nominating
3.     A description (at least a paragraph) of why your nominee should be selected

Tips on submitting a great nomination:
1.     Keep it between 2 paragraphs and 2 pages long.
2.     The more unusual the nominee and the narrative the better.
3.     Think of people who have done extraordinary thing(s).
4.     They’re looking for stories that amaze and inspire.
5.     Nominees with new and different perspectives on life are encouraged.
6.     Be sure your nominee is comfortable speaking from the heart in an on-camera interview.
7.     You may include links, but your own written description will be more important.

The deadline is Friday, September 30, 2022.

For more info contact: Louise@UnsungHeroesAmongUs.org She looks forward to hearing from you and to honoring your unsung community heroes!